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Specialists in DissolutionSeparation, Custody, Support, and Division of Property.

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Español • Farsi • Arabic 

Studies have shown that when the parties are able to reach an amicable resolution, they're less likely to ever go to court. I am here to help navigate you through these difficult times as smoothly as possible. 


Mediation can handle your entire case from A to Z, without going to court.



First, you'll fill out a confidential mediation intake form and have a pre-mediation intake conversation with me. Your spouse will do the same. Mediation is confidential from first contact with me. 



This means gathering sufficient information about the dispute to provide meaningful guidance, educating the parties about the process, ensuring the case is amenable to mediation.



Meet with the Mediator. Mediation will help you identify the issues that need to be addressed, guide you to communicate productively, and support you in making wise, informed decisions.



The parties negotiate/meet and confer until a fair agreement is reached by the parties. The parties control the process. At that point, the agreement may be drafted and filed with the court, done, no court.

Mediation As An Alternative To Court 

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What others are saying!

H. BlossomVerified Testimonial

This office gives me new hope in law and mediation. Thank you for handling a painful, stressful situation with patience, professional skill, knowledge and real compassion. Sean and his team have a Powerful presence and education like high prices lawyers, and he worked with me on the cost, thank you.

Patricia B.Verified Testimonial

You're ending your marriage.. Not your family." When Sean said this in our first meeting I was determined to carry those words with me throughout the entire process, and ultimately my journey through divorce. I can't thank Sean enough for the respect he showed by seeing us as much more than 'petitioner and respondent".

Michael L.Verified Testimonial

Sean and his team were true professionals in handling my meidation process. The process itself was extremely overwhelming and emotional, but having the proper advice and direction and practice in my corner gave me the confidence that I would get everything I deserved and needed to move on with my life.  He cares about the outcome.